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We Do It For The Culture

If you would like the sophistication of Urban Cigars to contribute to the atmosphere of your event, look no further. Even as a mobile vendor, we take elegance and class seriously as an establishment. When you leave, you will know exactly what we mean by “the private club experience.” The Urban Cigar experience blends impeccable service and exceptional quality.

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Premium Is All We Know

Our mission is to provide you and your guests a one-of-a kind experience of luxury cigars that will set your event apart from all the rest. Offer your party guests the opportunity to participate in truly exquisite experience. We are more than happy to let you peruse our excellent selection while guiding each guest to select the best blend. We offer custom services packages that will reflect your theme.

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A Refined Experience

Our traveling service is equipped to provide your guests with everything they need to enjoy premium smokes. Our hand selected cigar menu would please any casual smoker to the cigar aficionado. Let us bring the private cigar club experience to your event!

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