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Planning A Meaningful Conference

Planning a conference is akin to planning a theatrical production, in that each guest is being moved through various acts where sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch can be uniquely stimulated. When each of these sensory experiences is carefully orchestrated, the result can be magical and memorable and productive for all. B. Taylor & Associates works with your team to ensure that all messaging is woven throughout the conference experience for you and your guests. We’re here to make sure you do that in a tasteful, professional and intentional way allowing the guest experience to be natural and fluid.

Service Benefits
Creating A Memorable Experience

We are inspired by everything we experience, and love bringing that into the design process with our clients, but what we truly believe sets us apart from the rest is our communication. Multifaceted and laser focused, we believe that all events should be intricately choreographed, but that none of it should be invisible to the eyes of your guests.

Customer Experience
Our Process

We make the complex logistics of convention planning and execution appear and feel seamless. Our goal is always to interpret the heartbeat of each attendee. We know that you want every element of your conference to reflect your culture, your brand and your shared goals. It is our role to help you articulate your wishes for your conference, and then deliver more than you ever hoped for.

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