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Easily Schedule All Of Your Activities

Spotz allows you to create and change your event itinerary, create programs for attendees, and keep track of attendees, vendors, performers and other personnel. With an easy-to-use interface, you will find it almost effortless to plan activities around your selected location before and after the doors open.

Service Benefits
Keep In Touch With Venue Owners

If you own an activity space, your clients and visitors will appreciate easy access to tour your location before making a decision or tour virtually to see your space as if they were actually there. This allows you to book more dates, service your clients more conveniently, and be seen as an upscale professional that understands the needs of your market.

Customer Experience
You Can Breathe

Managing events and all the details involved can consume untold hours. Spotz is built to simplify common tasks, streamline complex processes and create timesaving workflows, minimizing busywork so you can breathe and focus on the big picture.

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