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Showing You How To Move

The Brown Girls Brunch series will include educational workshops to provide aspiring independent leaders with memorable, practical experiences in affirmation, conversation and decision-making. These exercises will be pivotal in how you view branding, establishing your image, and forming meaningful partnerships.

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You Are Our Mission

Our goal is to increase the number of Brown Girls in the world of entrepreneurship and their performance potential with a combination of competence, identity and entertaining approaches in order to contribute to social and economic development. Based on the experiences of our organizers and guests, it is our firm belief that new entrepreneurs always possess powerful traits that need to be nurtured and exposed in a supportive environment.

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Making A Statement

Brown Girls Brunch is more than an event. It is more than a conversation, a collaboration. It is a statement. By creating a sense of solidarity and developing a platform to represent brown women in business, we are making a decision to stand with one another on solid ground and lift each other to every height we know we can achieve.

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