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Our Experience Iis At Your Disposal

Whether you are an experienced real estate investor, or just starting out, you need to work with a team that can help you succeed. As you buy rental homes, Bailea Ave can help accurately estimate the market rent, get it rented promptly, and manage it for you while your equity grows. Our goal is to help you maximize your return on investment. So when you are ready to choose a company to help you invest in rental properties, Bailea Ave is the best option.

Service Benefits
Helping You Find The Best Investment Properties

We will identify, pursue and secure attractive investment properties which meet your investment criteria. We will negotiate on your behalf to achieve the best deal terms, manage the due diligence process to minimize risk, and identify all opportunities to maximize the property’s investment appeal.

Customer Experience
Advising You From Start To Finish

Atlanta is a rich market for real estate investing. The Bailea Ave staff is well-versed in strategy and knowledge of how to advise you on a solid investment. We take a consultative approach to helping investors realize the full potential of their property.We work with local investors to identify and invest in multi-family properties, commercial properties, and flips. To make the process as fruitful as possible, we advise you at all phases from start to finish.

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