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Whether you know exactly what you're looking for in a pair of glasses, have an affinity for the unconventional, or are simply intrigued by the idea, we provide the option of custom-made eyewear. If you have to have the glasses of your dreams or nothing, you’ll be delighted to find that you can choose the main features as well as those tiny details that make all the difference.

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Most people have a closet full of clothes they only wear a few times a month. Glasses, however, are something you put on your face every day. Nothing else you wear is more a part of your persona than your eyewear. Your eyewear should be as unique as you are. Our frames are sculpted to order, based on each client’s unique physical attributes and personal style. With your review and step-by-step approval, we design a bespoke frame based on everything from the shape of your face to your favorite color.

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We focus our passion on eyewear alone. We forge relationships with savvy, confident clients who believe in letting quality and design speak for themselves—and who, like us, get that style is a matter of honesty, individuality, and creative integrity. The collection of frames we curate satisfies stylish individuals from many different backgrounds.

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