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We Help You Avoid Surprises

When securing an event location in the traditional way, an issue that some hosts experience is the unexpected presence of dealbreakers when it's showtime. We cut these occurrences out by helping venue owners provide access to physical and virtual tours. With Spotz, we help you plan your event confidently and account for circumstances before paying your deposit.

Service Benefits
We're Here For Hosts And Attendees

If you own an activity space, your clients and visitors will appreciate easy access to tour your location before making a decision or tour virtually to see your space as if they were actually there. This allows you to book more dates, service your clients more conveniently, and be seen as an upscale professional that understands the needs of your market.

Customer Experience
Book Spaces Hassle-Free

Booking a venue for upcoming events is known to be a long job, spotted with trial and error. Spotz eliminates the hassle by containing all event details in a single location, and placing touring and booking opportunities at the very front of the experience.

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